I have a friend called Mario. I met him alongside Magdalena once, at his studio.  Let's refrain, He doesn't have a regular photo studio, but a huge warehouse where he not only has a white infinite, but an incredible collection of vintage clothes and furniture, cd's, books, old cameras and lenses.  The studio wasn't in use in general, because he wasn't in the mood for years.  He just watched Very old movies, read literature and dressed as in the 1890's, moustache included.
He immediately became a mentor for both of us, in different ways.   Magdalena was amused with his excentric and cult mind, and I was in need of a mentor on photography.  
He introduced me to something that would change my whole approach to it.  Having started with a 35mm old Exacta Varex IIa with a Carl Zeiss lens, to adapt to the Nikon kits the camera came with, was difficult.  Mario told me i had to but a 50 mm with 1.4 f of aperture.  And I did.  And it changed my life.  I don't only keep on using it for commercial work in digital, but is the lens i carry on with my vintage Nikon.  
So this was back in 2009 and after that, too much happened until this particular picture I took while heading back from Parque Centenario's amphitheatre, where Mario and me watched a documentary about The Libertines that ended with Carl Barat playing live, under the stars, as a surprise. 
I remember we were both depressed, i had just moved to the Capital City, was adapting to the fact I had to deal with everything concerning money and many other things.  Mario was probably allergic to something, besides "people".   
And there they laid, two abandoned armchairs waiting for the picture.  
I shot it with flash, and Mario told me: No, do it without flash.  And I did.  But the photo i like the most is the first one. 

April 20, 2012.