peli de sci fi y cerebros multiples

Iba al cine con mi abuela (con la cual me pelee hace dos dias) a ver una peli que era asi:
Era como de ciencia ficcion y habia un tipo que tenia como un ejercito de mujeres cyborg y les decia: ahora van a experimentar no se que cosa: a lo cual a cada tipa se le desdoblaba el cerebro en dos, o sea, como que salia un cerebro conectado por un plasma azul y flotaba levitante al lado de la cabeza de cada mujer. Despues pasaba no se que cosa de accion con este tipo (que era yo en el sueño, por lo menos en el momento de ver la peli) y terminaba. no me acuerdo bien. pero me levanto de la butaca, miro el rejoj y veo que solo duró una hora y me pareció muy corta para una peli. salgo del cine con mi abuela.


libros que leí desde el 6-11-08

Doris Lessing - Autobiografia (2 tomos: Dentro de mi, Un paseo por la sombra)
Virginia Woolf - Momentos de Vida
Virginia Woolf - Las Olas
Mineko Iwasaki - Vida de una Geisha
Marguerite Duras - El Amante
Simone de Beauvoir - Memorias de una Joven Formal
Taisen Deshimaru - Preguntas a un Maestro Zen
C. S. Lewis - A Grief observed


red bubble log

10 - 2 - 2009, 1 PM

Got up late. My love called me to ask me if I could log into his Lineage II account and kill some wolfs that give you thingies you can later sell. I watch my barbie doll. I’m customizing it, so I watch it in order to see what type of make up and outfit I will craft. She’s black haired, it was difficult to find one like that. i’m still in pajamas. I have to take a bath, but I’m waiting for things to arrive home: a pair of brazilian Melissa high heel rubber shoes I bought through the internet, some meds from the drugstore, a debit master card from NYC and my medical insurence card. I never waited for so many things to arrive home in my life. There are things I know they will arrive today, but there are others that I know they can be arriving some day, this month. I’ll have to wait. It is not that nice.
I sent my love an .ai archive. It contains the design of our own photography studio card. He will be giving the final touchs so we can print it. I’m in charge of the web site design and I’m doing it in html. My love will then transpose it to flash, but a simple flash, because I think so much movement is boring and I just can’t enjoy it. I’m happy to see the studio grow. I’ll be doing some intensive photography courses now as to gain experience and tecnique. I’ll probably study proffessional make up too. I think it’s essential. At least for what we do. I still have to buy a lot of make up and, oh my, it’s so expensive! At least for us, argentineans. Cameras and lightning equipment are worse, of course, so sometimes we use to try to get the same effects with non regular things. We have to invent new ones. Sometimes it works really good! Sometimes we just have to buy the imported equipment.
My cat is here with me. He’s called Momo and it’s very nice to be with him around. You never feel alone. Now he is sleeping, but he’s cheerful and playful. We love him. (I’ll never refer to cats with an “it”. No. They are not things at all!)


Esta es mi barbie bella. La maquillé y le hice ropita nueva. próximamente le voy a cortar el pelo pero aun me da miedo. Es linda.