Vaciarme tanto hasta que no quede nada que ocupar.

Soy una pulsion de deseos
de busquedas
de migas de Dios

Te encuentro en fragmentos desperdigados en ellos, espejos de mi propia conciencia.

Ese hueco vacio que intento tapar
lo salto, lo esquivo, lo ignoro, lo subestimo.
hola hueco, ahi estas.
me arropas por las noches.
me acompañas.


This is a note on love.
on an intensity that pulses through my veins.
Im in love with the space in between you and me.
im in love with furballs
and breathing air
could i possibly retain air without fainting?
or petting kittens with gloves?
could i?


what is love?

Is it a shape? of sanguine colours
dripping, ackeing, burning to a rithm
is it a dance? of disquicitive waters
wondering between two systems?
a thought,
a word,

a happening,
a state of grace.

to love, the unaltered, placed,
expressed in ways diverse

i'm the star's reflection
on a wavy sea.

i'm a light, formless,
drawing over time.

we are the world's eyes
looking at itself,
we are the world's hands
crafting itself
we are god's hands.