Give me something to look into,
assemble me with thy hands.
Soften my lips,
and glance,
with me.

I reconect
my own fears
the same as you own.
Let's embrace the tide together
and intend to be free



is air condensation a form of mystical matter?
are dragonflies attracted to sunsets?
can void become?
is grass greener when raindrops gently caresses it?


emotional rescue

En la terraza de casa, con la brisa linda y el sol, escuchando música ochentosa en la radio y leyendo a Ouspensky. Un placer total.


it happens.

It happens.
Sometimes, and only sometimes, everything you preach turns to be the most difficult thing to put in practice. (innerly, if you get what I mean...)
There are cracks I couldn't fix. There are cracks that hurt and paralyse. They let the insects in.

fear. fear. fear. fear. fear. fear. fear.

definitions ~-

1~panic: irrational fear towards the fact that everything is in constant transition. terror to experience present conditions to change.

2~panic: unatouchment from known and given-for-granted things/emotions/actions/persons. Unableness to sketch the near future. Emptiness about things to come.